to source plastics, polymers and additives on the market.


is to find the plastics, polymers and additives you seek which are of the utmost quality and meet your standards.


advice about the finest off-grade, grade B and aged materials.

Complete range of Recycled Plastics.

We have a wide network of UK & European partners in order to allow us to always find the best recycled plastics on the market.

Complete range of Polymers, Engineering Plastics and Additives.

We can source and offer of off-grade, grade B and aged materials from a complete range of Polymers, Engineering Plastics, Thermoplastics and additives to meet the our customers requirements.

We create Opportunities.

Our plastic is a real opportunity for all the customers that decide to entrust the service of Chowdhury Metals Exporter (UK) Limited.

Why Choose Us?


     With more than 12 years of experience in: recycling, sourcing and trading of various plastics, engineering thermoplastics. You can trust us to find for all our customer’s requests, in both quality and price.


A deep knowledge of our customer needs allows us to acquire the most suitable plastic for you.


For us, being able to offer the best product to our customers is at the heart of our services. In turn, meaning we must have utmost competence in order to select the most suitable plastic for their production.


Openness, flexibility, Readiness, Quality and Constant attention to customer.